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Remember: Every book is different. You can, however, indicate (on the order form) that you like a particular theme as seen below. Books are $30 or $60, depending on the time involved and the number of pages needed. Some books must be researched (medical stories, for instance) while others can be written more quickly.

Our two top sellers: That’s My Name and We love you…Just the way you are!

Why don’t the books look more like scrapbooks? Find out here. *See note below for further explanation.

Click any link to open a sample book and flip through (books can be ordered in ANY language or in multiple languages):

Duplicate copies of the same book are 1/2 price.


Please Note:

*PCS books are not scrapbooks. You can order photo books from various Online outlets. Our books are custom written stories with the purpose of building self esteem, social-emotional understanding and emotional intelligence. We don’t fill up the pages with text or images, overwhelming the reader. Each book is designed with the intention of the text or story line being the main focus, along with the personal photos. The concepts being taught are what matter to us – more than “popular, mainstream layouts” (overcrowded pages that many people assume means a greater value for their money).

Every page is laminated and can be colored on, chewed on, drooled on, stepped on and tossed around. Pages can be written on with a dry erase marker or washable pen, and are easily wiped clean. We write, print, cut, laminate and bind the books ourselves. We do not use office supply stores to do this work because a.) they charge 3 times what we charge for a book to be printed, cut, laminated and bound and b.) the few times we did use an office store, they bound our books with pages upside down and pages out of order. We now do all work from home using our own printing/binding equipment.