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Shara: owner of Personal Child Stories, Mommy Perks, Kids Perks, Early Childhood News and Resources and Pine Media.

What makes me qualified to write custom stories for children, you ask? Fair enough – that’s a good question.

My background includes:

  • 23+ years working with kids (ongoing)
  • 16+ years as a nanny
  • A background in education and early childhood
  • Hundreds of published freelance pieces (locally, nationally, regionally and globally)
  • Published work in journals, magazines, newspapers, newsletters, Online and more
  • Three children of my own
  • Taught literacy workshops at Bookman’s Bookstore, mom’s groups, YMCA outlets and more
  • Library Board Member: 2011-2014

I own and run the following websites (in addition to this one):

  1. Mommy Perks
  2. Kids Perks
  3. Early Childhood News & Resources

I love kids and I enjoy writing stories that I know will benefit each one. PCS is not a money making business. The hours of time it takes to complete each book hardly makes this a wealth-producing endeavor. I make my money in other ways. PCS, however, is a part of my heart, mind and soul. It was created based on my son’s medical situation and knowing that the books work to build self esteem brings me unmatched happiness.


—–> Contact me via email or feel free to give me a ring (I’m dreadful about returning calls, however. You’re welcome to take your chances, though: 602-430-5808).