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Second step

Send us the photos that will be inside your book.

We’ll tell you how many to send, based on your book theme.

We might need 10 photos and we might need 15 or 20. You can send the photos through email as high resolution JPEG files. You can also choose to send us to your Photo Sharing page (Snapfish, Walgreens, etc) to download from there. Either option will work.

The larger your photo files, the higher print quality we’ll generate. We may also look over your images and say, “Can you send one that shows your child riding a bike? That would be perfect for this theme.” Or, “Can you find a photo of your child sharing a toy? That’s just what this book needs, thanks!” Or, “The cover page could use a close-up image of the face. Can you send one for that, please?”

Personal photos provide a wonderful Emergent Literacy strategy and the better the photos…the better the book! If you want to know more about how personal photographs work to draw the reader in, read this brief article: Do personal photos really work?